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Bonaventura Di Bello

Via R. Talamo, 16

Centola, (SA) 84051

0974-933159 (home)

0347-1412336 (cell.) (email)





On-line and off-line information systems management, using searches, collecting and organizing data. Individual or group training around technical topics (computers and the Internet). Help Desk for computer and Internet environments, with expertise in Windows and MacOS platforms. Creating, searching, digesting and managing on-line or press contents. Creating information programs for touch-screen or other interactive kiosks and multimedia CD-ROMs or Web pages and printed materials.





More than 15 years expertise in designing, managing and creating contents for traditional and digital media (CD-ROM, interactive kiosks and Web pages).

More than 15 years expertise in on-line environments with use of data-banks, BBSes and Web sites. Editing of several articles in related professional magazines.

Expertise in individual and group work over publishing, telecommuting and technical projects.






Designing computer "interactive novels" ("adventures") in the 80s, published in several versions to run on various 8-bit home computers of the time (the tape-zines were called "Explorer", "Viking", "Epic 3000").

Designing, managing, translating (from English to Italian), layout and editing of magazines int he videogame industry of the 80s (Italian versions of "Zzap!64" e "The Games Machine" magazines).

Designing, technical and editorial managing, editing of the first Italian "mass-oriented" computer monthly magazine ("Gigabyte)".

Writing and layout of the book "Internet Tour 95" in the first years of Internet expansion in Italy.

Designing and editorial-technical managing of the first Italian monthly CD-Zines ("MacPower Interactive" for the Macintosh and "PC-ROM Interactive" for the Wintel platform).

Programming of interactive kiosks for Banks in the South of Italy. Technical managing and programming for two CD-ROMs used as Bank information media freely distributed to the Bank customers.

Designing and teaching in computer and Internet group courses and workshops, also in digital format.

Design and managing of a public computer environment.


Translation of computer manuals, magazines ("MacFormat", "Computer Arts", "Computer Resellers News"), CD-ROMs and Web pages from English to Italian.


Basic Web authoring for ISPs.


... and of course an endless love for books and the secret hope to become, one day, a simple librarian in a library, even a virtual one!






High School (Scientific Degree 44/80), EDP Programming Degree, various magazine, books and CD-ROMs testify other expertise

Companies: Edizioni Hobby (Milan), Xenia Edizioni (Milan), ByByte (Milan), SE.I.COM. (Salerno), Edizioni il Mio Castello (Milan), Oku Studio (Milan). TecnoSkema (Salerno), SIED Sistemi (Vallo della Lucania SA), various other small companies, offices, ISPs, professionals and computer entrepreneurs.